Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Can I Help?

I (Dan) went with the High School juniors and seniors on their first of three field trips for this year. We all rode a bus into Managua, broke into three groups and each group went to a different preschool in the area. We spent the morning helping the kids with their ABCs, coloring and playing games. The verse for the trip was Romans 15:2 from The Message - Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us asking ourselves, "How can I help?". One of the lessons of the trip was that helpful actions don't have to be something big or noticeable, sometimes the smallest acts of compassion are the most beautiful. Below are some pictures from our trip.
This is the bus we rode to the schools.

Here is a picture from inside the school. It was not completely closed in and had a good size rubble pile (to the right in the picture).

An NCA student working with one of the preschool students.

Working on coloring a Christmas tree. The kids cut them out and glued them to popcicle sticks.

I saw several kids run to the back corner and was wondering what they were doing...I discovered that the school drinking fountain was a pipe coming out of the ground and the kids were taking turns getting a drink.

A video of the kids playing "Green light/Red light" or "Luz Roja/Luz Verde" in Spanish.