Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun and Friends in Nicaragua

Rebekah and Will on the airplane. They are both great travelers, enjoying their time on the plane. Will asked me a few times to call "the waiter" (stewardess) to ask for food. We were surprised to get a meal on our flight from Miami to Managua which we all were thankful for given that we had skipped lunch make it on time for our last flight!

Rebekah and Will with Nicaragua Christain Academy director, Liam Starkenburg on their first afternoon at NCA. Liam picked us up in the school van that afternoon and the kids got to meet their classes before starting school the following Monday. They are not wearing their uniforms because Fridays are "color days".

Rebekah and Will reading to Liam and Jessica Starkenburg's son, Caleb. Caleb has a baby brother, Judah who is around 6 months old. The kids are enjoying the opportunity to play with babies!

Rebekah and Will enjoyed making bracelets and hats out of palm leaves on their first day in Nicaragua.

Will and his new 11 year old friend (I'm having trouble remembering how to say his name). They played catch with a baseball and football, tag, and hide and go seek for a couple hours with Rebekah joining in too. A little group of friends is now beginning to develop in the neighborhood.