Friday, January 27, 2017

Spiritual Emphasis Day 2017

Today we are celebrating our annual Spiritual Emphasis Day at NCA. Instead of regular classes our high school students will spend the day in a worship and learning experience. This year we have 23 different guest speakers who will be presenting on a variety of topics to small groups of students through out the day. Lisa will be leading a couple of the sessions while our kids Rebekah and Will will be attending many of the different sessions. This is a picture of Lisa leading one of her sessions earlier today. Please pray that this would be a day of spiritual growth for the high school students at NCA!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Beauty for Ashes

Our high school principal was eagerly looking forward to celebrating her 60th birthday with our NCA family. We were sad when we found out that she had to make an emergency trip to the U.S. to be with her mother who had an unexpected fall. Then we were further sadden when we received the news that her mother passed away on the day of her birthday. We decided we were going to surprise her by celebrating her 60th birthday sometime after she was back at NCA. So yesterday the whole school showed up at lunchtime with a giant birthday cake and a mariachi band to celebrate her birthday!

Here is what she had to say afterwards, "My mom’s death on the morning of my birthday was a blessing—no more suffering for her and she had been wanting to go to heaven for a long time--but emotionally difficult for me. Over the last few weeks I’ve wondered what the rest of my birthdays might be like because of all of the emotions attached to this birthday. With one swoop you have given me such a gift of joy forever to tie to my 60th birthday. This one was a definite, “WOW!” You were the evidence in my life that when we cast our cares upon the Lord, we have no idea how marvelously He may choose to take care of them. He certainly gave me “beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning” (Isaiah 61:3) today."

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Extreme Poverty

I recently listened to Dr. Scott Todd talk about how global business was one of the top reasons for the drastic drop in extreme poverty in the world. He quoted that extreme poverty has dropped from 51% of the world's population in 1981 to 26% in 2005 to 9.8% in 2015! I was encouraged to listen as I prepare to teach about the economics of business and personal finance in my AP Microeconomics and Personal Finance classes this coming semester. Please pray that God would not only impact myself and the students that I teach, but that ultimately He would impact many (including those in extreme poverty) in the country of Nicaragua through what we learn together!