Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dan writes:

For a number of years I have felt God nudging our family toward missions. On March 17, 2004, I “wrestled” with God all day as He impressed on me to begin pursuing fulltime mission work. Through 2004 and 2005 our family worked toward joining the staff of FamilyLife. FamilyLife is the organization that brings the Weekend to Remember Marriage conferences and FamilyLife Today radio program to Cedar Rapids and throughout the world. In September of 2005 we believe God was directing us to stop our pursuit of joining FamilyLife and to work as a part of the Cedar Rapids volunteer team. In October of 2006 a pastor at our church and his good friend talked about their friendship that began at a Christian school in Venezuela, the possibility of serving at a Christian school struck both Lisa and I as a great fit for our family. Later in October I was looking at the Christian Reformed World Missions calendar and I noticed a number of missionaries working at Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA). After learning more about the school from their website, I contacted them and found out that they were only in need of teachers at that time. A year went by and I again felt God asking me to pursue possible places to serve. I decided to start by contacting NCA again and was surprised to find out that due to school growth they were in need of help with the administration of the school. After emailing back and fourth with the director of NCA and a lot of prayer I submitted my application to become a part of the school. The director reviewed my application and recommendations with the school board president and in January of 2008 they invited our family to join them at Nicaragua Christian Academy.