Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Missions Board

Dear friends and family,

Wanted to pass along an urgent prayer request. I was talking with God about this support raising process today and how it is so humbling because it involves us asking for help in so many ways. He said, "Lisa, you give people an opportunity to see me at work when you include them in on this process." Thank you all again for standing with us and being willing to ride this wild ride.

Our request is that God would show us His will in terms of a mission board. Dan had a great conversation with our contact from World Missions yesterday. She will need to talk with a couple of additional people at World Missions about our situation. We pray that we do not get caught in a time of waiting for decisions to be made, but that we can keep moving with the process given our time is short. So, our prayer is that God would show us His will for a mission board and that He would be glorified in this process! Thank you so much!

Peace to you,

Lisa Van Zoest