Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nica Update: Special Prayer Request

Dear Family and Friends,
We are so thankful for a community who is so faithful to pray for us.  This time we are asking you to pray for my (Lisa's) Dad.
Those of you who have been "with us" for awhile may remember that my Dad had open heart surgery a year and a half ago.  At that time, they found that one of his kidneys had "died" and that the artery of the other was 85% blocked.  They had talked about doing a stent around 6 months after surgery, but decided to wait due to the risk associated with this surgery - given that he has only one kidney.  Recently, an MRI indicated that surgery is now needed to open this artery. 
He will be having surgery this Thursday, March 25, to do the stent.  We are praying that there will not be complications, that the surgery will be successful, and that our hearts will be at peace as we anticipate this surgery.  My sister will be flying from Dallas, TX to Iowa to be with my Dad and Mom.  I'm so thankful that she will be there.  
Thank you again for your faithful prayers!
Peace to you,
The Van Zoest's