Friday, March 26, 2010

Nica Update: Our Healer

Dear family and friends,
I'm writing a quick note to you tonight to thank you so much for your prayers for my Dad.  My mom called today to tell us that she was amazed at how excited the doctor was when they met with him after surgery.  He said that the surgery went very, very well and that at this time there are no plans for Dad to be on dialysis.  He said that Dad's artery was over 90% blocked.  The stent is now allowing good blood flow into the kidney.  My mom said that his blood pressure is also responding with lower numbers there too which is good.  So, thank you once again for standing in the gap for our family.
I would like to add two more prayer requests as well.
1)  I took Will to the doctor today because I listened to his lungs last night and heard significant wheezing.  He has had a cough, but no fever and has been running around like he usually does.  The doctor told me today that he has bronchitis in both of his lungs and was quite concerned about him.  He sent me home with lots of meds. - steriods, antibiotics, inhaler, and another one for loosening phelm.  Kind of complicated as everything is in Spanish and I needed to mix powders with water and other medicines.  I stopped by our school nurse's office and she helped me figure it all out. 
Would you pray for healing for Will's lungs?  Will was hospitalized as a young child a couple of times with respiratory illnesses, and had been on a nebulizer quite often.  Our prayer is that he can recover quickly and that this does not become a pattern for him again.
2)  I met tonight with one of our elementary teachers for tea.  Two months ago, her sister-in-law died suddenly of cancer.  The sister-in-law's husband, of less than a year, then committed suicide 5 weeks after her death.  The teacher's brother and her sister-in-law did not have a personal relationship with Christ.  So, within 5 weeks, this young woman has attended two funerals of two family members and is now dealing with the pain of losing them both here on earth, but also for eternity.  I'm asking you too to pray for her and her family.  Her mother and two sisters do not know Christ, and her heart is for their salvation as well. 
Thank you.  I was sharing tonight with this teacher about what an incredible team of prayer supporters we have.  I am often so humbled by your faithfulness and consistency.  You are a wonderful model for me.
Peace to you,
Lisa Van Zoest for all
PS.  I wanted to let you know too that when I send emails out, I send them out in groups of 50.  We are only allowed 6 groups of 50 to go out per day.  That means that the remaining 4 groups of 50 go out then 24 hours later.  So, some of you will get our updates and prayer requests on "real time' and others of you will find that they are delayed a day.  I'm sorry if this causes confusion.  We have just not yet found a way to send out all of them at once.