Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prayer Request for this week

Dear Family and  Friends,
In our last update, I had meant to include a prayer request for my friend Dawn Williams and her friend Tiffany - both of whom lost their husbands in the airplane crash in August.  But, perhaps God had this special mailing in mind to bring this request to the forefront of our minds at this time.
Dawn and Tiffany are currently spending this week at a secluded cottage in MI where they will spend time with counselors and have times of solitude to continue their grieving process.  Dawn has commented that her grieving has been stunted as a result of the business of these last weeks and the stress of being back in the States.  Dawn and her kids have not been in the States for 4 years.  Even after only 7 months, our family experienced reentry stress.  So, our prayer is that this time would be a time of rest and healing for both Dawn and Tiffany.
We are asking for your prayers for both of these women and for their children while they are away from them.  Please pray that God would reveal Himself to them during this time.  Pray too for the health and safety for their children.  Those of you who have experienced tragedy or the death of a spouse or child know even better than I do how to pray.  Thank you so much for your concern for Dawn and for your inquiry about her and her family.     
Peace to you,
Lisa Van Zoest