Monday, May 25, 2009

Nica Update: summer calendar and latest pictures

We will be arriving back in the U.S. on Tuesday, June 9th and we look forward to seeing many of you before we head back to Nicaragua! I am attaching our calendar below so you can see where and when we will be. Please pray for safety as we travel. We will be giving a presentation on our time in Nicaragua at a number of churches and we would love to have you join us if you are able. Please let us know if you need any additional details. When we are not traveling we will be staying with Lisa's parents in Wellsburg, IA. I have also posted this calendar on our blog ( and our website (

Our 2009 Summer Calendar:

Thu, Jun 4th – Lisa's Sister, Brenda, arrives in Nicaragua for NCA's summer camp

Fri, Jun 5th – NCA's High School Graduation

Tue, Jun 9th – We arrive back in the US

Thu, Jun 11th – Van Zoest family reunion and visiting friends in California

Tue, Jun 23rd – Arrive in Iowa and stay with Lisa's parents in Wellsburg

Fri, Jun 26th – Dan attends a development training in Cedar Rapids, IA

Sun, Jun 28th – Presentation at First CRC in Wellsburg, IA

Sat, Jul 4th – Celebrate Independence Day with Lisa's parents

Sat, Jul 11th – Serving Saturday at River Rock Church in Rockford, MI

Sun, Jul 12th – Presentation at Ada CRC in Ada, MI

Mon, Jul 13th – Visit CRWM headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI

Sun, Jul 19th – Presentation at New Covenant Bible Church in Cedar Rapids, IA

Fri, Jul 24th – Dan attends a development training in Cedar Rapids, IA

Sun, Jul 26th – Southern Heights CRC in Kalamazoo, MI in the a.m.

Sun, Jul 26th – Willard CRC in Celeryville, OH in the p.m.

Sun, Aug 2nd – Presentation at Peace Church in Cedar Rapids, IA

Wed, Aug 5th – We arrive back in Managua, Nicaragua

Tue, Aug 11th – classes begin at NCA for the 2009/10 school year

Here are a few of our recent pictures: