Friday, January 2, 2009

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

We had a neighborhood Christmas party which we found out later was the first time the Nicaraguan, Korean and North American neighbors have gotten together for a Christmas party. We shared favorite memories of Christmas.

Rebekah and Will and their friends Karly and Abi delivered paper nativity dolls to two neighbors with small children. By Christmas eve, they had delivered the shepherds, angel, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, and a stable. With each doll, they shared the story of Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we went to church and sang Christmas carols by candle light. Afterwards, we watched fireworks in the parking lot. When we returned home we watched some more fireworks that our neighbors were setting off.

We enjoyed Christmas with a goup of around 25 Canadians and one other person from Iowa. We had a good time getting to know some people better and enjoyed lots of good food.

Speaking of good food, the kids and their friends helped me to make Oreo truffles for the party.

And Lisa make a great breakfast for our family on Christmas morning

The day after Christmas, some friends took us to an active volcano. The pictures below clearly imply the possibility of an eruption.

Time with friends:
Rebekah, Karly and Abi
Watching a movie on the computer
Will playing with the boys in the neighborhood
Rebekah and Emma on the beach

Will and I on the beach