Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Internet interruptions

Dear Family and Friends,

Dan just gave me a great idea a few minutes ago. We are both sitting in his new office at the school right now working on some things and have received several emails from you letting us know that you are thinking of us and have not heard from us. We want to let you know that we are all fine and that the reason for our not writing lately has to do with the internet in our home not working.

I have also been very busy with subbing, I’m working on a project for a teacher, working on letters/thank you cards related to support, working on our update (which will be a long one, but a great recounting of God’s faithfulness), shopping for families that we (and you) are helping this Christmas, and I’m trying to put some thoughts into how to celebrate Christmas in Nicaragua with our family. Dan has been very busy at school as well picking up a number of projects and responsibilities which he says that he is enjoying.

We are so thankful for our family and friends back home – for your notes of encouragement, for your prayers, for packages we have received and are expecting . . . We are so incredibly blessed with such an amazing support system. I think we have realized and appreciated that even more after being here. I want you to know that I have taped every single picture that we have of those back home on our fridge which has always been what our refrigerator looks like (it is covered from top to bottom!), but it is even more special now. We would love to hear from you this Christmas and tape your picture up too!

A few of you have asked for our address and I will give you the school’s address as this is the most secure address. It is:

Dan Van Zoest
Nicaragua Christian Academy
Apartado 842
Managua, Nicaragua, Central America

We talked today with the woman at the school that takes care of things like our internet (yes, we have an amazing support system here too) and she will check into the difficulty. The wonderful thing about this problem has been that God has pointed out how heavily I have been depending on my connection with family and friends in the States to maintain emotional stability – the internet is a wonderful gift to missionaries, but it can distract us too. So, although it has been a difficult and frustrating few weeks, I am reminded again how God truly does want to be our “all in all”. He is so much more capable of meeting our needs than anything or anyone we can find on earth.

Peace to you,
Lisa (for Dan, Rebekah, and Will)