Friday, August 1, 2008

Lots Happening

Dear Family and Friends,

There is a lot happening right now. I thought I would give you quick updates on things and then write out some prayers for each item. So, as you read you can just pray! Thank you!

We have an offer on our house contingent on inspections. So far radon has come back clear; house inspection is still coming up. If all goes well, we close on August 27.
Dear Father, thank you for this offer at just the right time. We pray for inspections to be clear and for a closing without surprises. Lord, bless the new owners of this house with memories as great or greater than the ones the Van Zoests have enjoyed within the walls of this gift of a home and neighborhood.

We have 6 small group dinners scheduled for next week - three are full and three are still open and available for people to attend.
Dear Father, thank you so much for the blessing of 6 couples who desire to be involved in the process of building a support team for the Van Zoests. Thank you also for those who are taking the time to participate in the dinners. Please empower the Van Zoests with energy, and speak through them as they present your vision for ministry in Nicaragua and your call on their lives.

The school year is approaching and we are needing to make decisions about how to educate our kids. Our hope was to be in Nicaragua by the end of this month and then would enroll the kids at school there. However, we are not at a level of support right now that this seems responsible. We've decided that I will home school the kids, keeping in close communication with their teachers in Nicaragua by email.
Lord God, we pray that you would empower Lisa with confidence and encouragement as she adds the responsibility of educating Rebekah and Will to the demands of raising support, packing up/getting rid of 12 years of possessions, and moving to her parents house at the end of the month.

Dan has been working full-time and working on support in the evenings. I see him getting worn down at times physically.
Lord, please protect Dan's health as he juggles being a husband and dad, work, and raising support. Please provide times of rest for him as well.

I had a talk with our kids today just reflecting about how things are not the same as they used to be as my priority has always been focusing on my relationship with them over completing tasks. I've needed to be more task minded and spend a lot of time answering emails and making phone calls. It was good to talk with them about this today - both said that they miss how it used to be, but understand that this is something Daddy and Mommy need to do to help us to get to Nicaragua.
Lord, please continue to provide times of open communication for the Van Zoest family. Please be with Rebekah and Will and assure them of their parent's love and of your love.

My sister will fly in on Sunday from Texas and stay at my parents for a week. My Aunt and Uncle will be here from MN too. Yea!
Father, thank you for this time with Brenda and Lisa's Aunt and Uncle. We pray for safe travel for everyone and for a relaxing and fun time with loved ones.

We will leave for MI on Aug. 13 for around 5 or 6 days with a trip to Ohio in there too.
Lord, please give the Van Zoests a safe trip to MI and Ohio. We thank you for the family reunion with Dan's family that they get to attend and for time with Dan's Mom in Ohio.

We are currently staying this week at a beautiful home in the country. Friends from church offer their basement living space to missionaries and pastors for retreat. We will stay here until inspections and showings are complete, hopefully by next week.
Dear Father, thank you for this retreat from the business of house showings, inspections, etc. for the Van Zoests. Please enable them to rest in you when they get overwhelmed. Help them to maintain their priorities of relationship with You first, relationship as spouses second, relationship with their kids third, and ministry fourth.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers for us.

Wanted to tack on something that the kids said this week that was funny. They overheard me say that I had scheduled doctor's appointments for them to get checked out before we go to Nicaragua in addition to getting some injections for things like Hep A and Typhoid, etc. Will asked, "Do you think that they could put me under when I get the shots?" Dan said, "Well, they would have to give you a shot to put you under." Rebekah, having had surgery and remembering the process said, "But, they give you the gas before they give you that shot."