Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Dad: Infection

Dear Family and Friends,

I was pretty long winded last night – this time will be short. Would you pray specifically for my Dad tonight? He has a fever and they are trying to locate the infection – suspecting it is in the kidney or lungs. They have found some areas in his lungs that they are concerned about.

It is overwhelming with all of the needs that people have here in Cedar Rapids and the rain keeps coming. Dan was downtown sandbagging this afternoon and evening – both hospitals are downtown and the focus of his and 100 other volunteer’s work was to try to protect the hospitals. Our basement will stay dry as long as the electricity stays on. We are being asked to use water only for drinking as the city water treatment system is functioning at 25%. The sky is still very dark and shows no promise at this time of relief, although it is supposed to clear by tomorrow. Our police force is working 12 hour days without days off to evacuate, rescue people, and attending to many other critical needs – a friend of ours is an officer and he and his family can use your prayers as well.

OK well, that is it for tonight. Thank you again for your prayers. We look forward to seeing how God will work in and through this.

Peace to you,