Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prayer Requests while we are in Nicaragua

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, we are packed, I have a notebook full of details and directions and instructions for my Mom while she stays with the kids, and now I thought I would take a few minutes to share some specific prayer requests our family identified yesterday and today. I asked Rebekah and Will individually to talk with me a little bit about things they are most concerned about while we are gone. I asked if I could share these with you and they said that was OK. I thought I would structure it as a list of four prayers for each day that we are away. We will look forward to sharing with you later how God responded to these requests.

Thursday, May 1
Dan: Travel safety and health for us, Rebekah and Will, and for Grandpa and Grandma
Lisa: Safety on the 6 flights we take to and from Nicaragua, and for awareness of God's divine appointments with people sitting next to us on the airplanes.
Rebekah: That Daddy's and Mommy's plane won't crash.
Will: For safe travel.

Friday, May 2
Dan: Thanksgiving that God worked out all of the details for this trip
Lisa: I leave today at 8:30 am for a women's retreat an hour from Managua - please pray for energy and a heart that is at peace and depending on the Lord.
Rebekah: That we will all be safe.
Will: That we will be safe when Daddy and Mommy are gone.

Saturday, May 3
Dan: Praise that we are able to bring some needed supplies from the U. S. to Nicaragua
Lisa: The women's retreat continues today - please pray that I would make strong connections and build relationships with the women. I will room with Nicaragua Christian Academy's Principal. Eighty-Five women will be at this retreat.
Rebekah: That none of us will get sick.
Will: That Daddy and Mommy's things would not get stolen.

Sunday, May 4
Dan: For Grandma as she takes care of Rebekah and Will while we are gone
Lisa: For a sweet time with the Lord and for a deepening in my relationship with Him while at the retreat. We travel home from retreat today.
Rebekah: That nobody in our family gets hurt.
Will: That there wouldn't be a war while Daddy and Mommy are there.

Monday, May 5
Dan: That we could be an encouragement to those we meet and spend time with
Lisa: As we visit the schools in the next few days, please pray that we would grow to love the children, the staff, and the culture.
Rebekah: That Grandma would take good care of us.
Will: That Daddy and Mommy would make friends.

Tuesday, May 6
Dan: That we would sense God's will for our family in Nicaragua
Lisa: For unity for Dan and I as we process and absorb this experience. And that we can just have fun as a couple (thank you to those who have reminded me to just have fun!)
Rebekah: That Daddy and Mommy would find a house for us to live in.
Will: That Daddy and Mommy would find a house for us.

Wednesday, May 7
Dan: For Wisdom as we discern God's leading for our next steps
Lisa: That God would begin to reveal to me His vision for how He desires to use me in Nicaragua. At this time my role is very open.
Rebekah: That we will raise enough support.
Will: That Dad and Mom would understand the people.

Thursday, May 8
We ask again for prayers for us as we travel. We will return to Cedar Rapids at 5:30 pm this afternoon. Then on Friday we travel to Minneapolis for my cousin's High School graduation and will stay there until Sunday afternoon. And then we will hit the ground running.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. There are times when I say to myself, "When I look at this situation that we are in, it seems that I should be very stressed out. But, I feel a very deep sense of peace." We know that God is responding to your prayers for us and leading us a step at a time - daily. You are such an important part of our team!